The Solearan Empire (Solear)

Temperatures range from temperate to tropical, getting warmer the more you go south. Rainforests and wetlands scatter the southern coast, while flatlands and plains make up the east coast. The Kingdom is known for its intense diplomacy, and shares borders with its allies Farland and Ocealis, both of which were former colonies of the former Empire. Ruled over by his Imperial Highness Emilio.


The Empire is split into 10 different territories, with 9 provinces and one main territory (which is where the capital city of Solear resides). His Imperial Majesty Emilio is figurehead of the empire, and makes governing decisions with The Assembly of Representatives from each province. The Emperor must approve of the laws which The Assembly of Representatives want to pass on an Imperial level. The Emperor may also pass Imperial Decrees, but these must be approved by 5 Representatives.

The Assembly of Representatives

The Assembly of Representatives is made of 9 representatives, all of which decide on which laws to pass on an Imperial level. Representatives are also in charge of approving laws within their province, but do not write laws themselves. Representatives are elected by citizens of each province (though it should be noted that the position of Emperor is not elected unless there are extenuating circumstances). Elections for Representatives are held every 4 years.

Heads of Community

Laws are usually written by a Head of Community. This can be (but is not limited to) a mayor, a chief, or an elder. The Heads decide with their community what laws to bring to the Representatives within The Assembly. Heads must choose carefully what laws to bring to Representatives, as there are only 2 meetings between Representatives and Heads every year. Additionally, Heads are limited in the amount of laws they may propose (and there is no guarantee that the laws will be approved by a Representative).



Interracial marriage used to be criminalized in outer provinces, but is now completely legal after several decades of activism. Families are recognized and are able to seek out fertility services, and an anti-discrimination policy throughout Solear puts this into writing. However, the policy is far from perfect. Solearan scholars, activists, and lawmakers continue to deconstruct the human-centric structures within the Empire.

Same-sex marriage is also legal in the Empire and families are recognized and are able to adopt. While there are no formal policies that state this outright, the rights of same-sex married couples are included in the Empire’s Interracial Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Sex Work

CW: mentions of rape and sexual harrassment. Sex work (specifically escort work and brothels) are legal, being highly regulated in certain provinces and decriminalized in others. Sex workers are allowed to unionize and have legal protection against rape, sexual harrassment, and discrimination, assuming they have the proper documentation to be participating in sex work. While specific policies often vary from province to province, one must be 18 years of age to partake in prostitution.

Crime and Punishment

While information on the inside of prisons is highly classified and regulated, the Empire is well known for its use of prison labor. Much of the manual labor of construction and sanitation is done by prisoners. Inmates are paid at pennies an hour, making them a lucrative source of labor for the Empire.


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