The Kingdom of Corsanth (Corsanth)

Mainland Corsanth is a rich and vibrant place; Rivers vein through its Mountains to the north and down to the lands surrounding, giving it rich plantlife attracting plenty of fauna. The lands bordering Farlands are particularly prone to storms, and both its people as well as its architecture are built sturdy and strong, and their many keeps stand still from a time long forgotten.

Its exclave to the west, bordering Ald'Dunira, is known for its rich forest known as the Blackwood, which grow trees with bark near pitch black (hence the name). To the east, there is another exclave on an island held mainly by Farland. Known as Friae, the exclave is notorious for its kind people and sweltering temperatures. Ruled over by Her Highness Theodora I of House Theodoros.


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