Vergil "Vex" Cordelia

Vergil Cordelia, better known as "Vex", is a member of the adventuring party. He is a Level 12 Rogue/Sorcerer. He is the son of King Avalon Cordelia and the brother of Platina Cordelia.

A young wandering soul, Vex is known for his peculiar brand of charisma, eclectic mannerisms, and upbeat personality. While he may come off as goofy and airheaded, he's deceptively good at thinking on his feet. His whimsical nature, rather than being a facade or a distraction, is just part of his charm. This charm is what allows him to lighten the mood in a room, and his fierce loyalty to his friends has led to him being well-regarded amongst his travelling partners.

Vex is also a stubborn believer in doing good things, a faith most likely spawned by his deep-seated admiration and belief in heroes. His undying, almost toxic optimism can be considered a product of this as well. Unfortunately, that optimism can make him come off as delusional or naive, and his aspirations of heroism makes him privy to self-sacrifice. Although he's escaped any lasting consequences for his noble recklessness so far, he might not get so lucky next time...


Vex the Spectacular, Prince Vergil, Chei's Lost Prince


Age: 23

Pronouns: he/they

Height: 5'3" ; 1.60 m

Birthday: July 26th

Race: Tiefling

Birthplace: Chei



Adventuring Party

Status: Alive


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Vex is a runaway 'noble' from a kingdom known as Azaviel, the capital city of the territory of Chei.Although, not noble by birth... His father, the former General of the Cheian army, usurped the crown from his former king, putting House Cordelia on the map.

Growing up rather coddled, the young Vergil would leave his life of comfort in his late teens during the midst of a diplomatic venture. In a place he was unfamiliar with, he would eventually slip in with a traveling circus. Being naturally nimble and light on his feet, he was the perfect candidate for the circus' acrobatics department. He kept with this for a good few years. Although, all good things must come to an end. As did this.

The newly-named Vex, along with everyone else employed by the circus, would part ways. A series of unfortunate events would lead Vex right into the arms of a thieves guild under the guise of an adventures guide. Due to his talent in acrobatics, he made quite the effective thief.. Although, sooner rather than later, his inherent Wild Magic would bubble to the surface. Making him more of a liability than an asset. Because of this, he was banished from his guild.

He's gone on plenty of adventures since then. Some went well! Others did not. As of now, he's still traveling. Be it his own world or others. Despite all this, his father is still tracking him down. Being quite a powerful Artificer, along with the King-General of a rather well-off nation in his own world, Avalon Cordelia has * things * looking for his son. Magic-powered automatons. Mercenaries. Anything, and anyone he can find. No matter where Vex goes, trouble is sure to follow.

... He's not too worried, though. He keeps his rather cheery demeanor even still. He believes that everything will end up alright. Eventually.


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