Jacques Faucher

Jacques Faucher is the captain of the Tidebreaker and the founder of its crew. He is the brother of Cecilia Faucher.

While he may come off as somewhat airheaded, Jacques is anything but. His position as captain does not come from authority or dominance; rather, it is more from a sense of reliability. His exceptional fighting skills makes him a reliable ally in combat, and his relaxed disposition and compassionate nature endears him quickly to his fellow members. He is known for being a diplomatic leader as well, carefully considering the opinions of all his crewmates before taking action. Knowing this, it's no surprise that his fellow crewmates instinctually turn to him in times of crisis.

That being said, Jacques is not without his shortcomings. While his arrogance comes from somewhat truthful beliefs (he's really that good at fighting), it also gets him into trouble. The only thing that could hurt him more than challenging his confidence is wounding his pride.

Aliases Captain, Brat

Age: 26

Pronouns: he/him

Height: 6'8" ; 2.03 m

Birthday:July 23rd

Race: Human


Languages: TBA


Tidebreaker Crew

Status: Alive

Additionally, Jacques is notoriously horrible at vocalizing his needs and wants, which leads to him making big decisions in his personal life without telling anyone. This has led to him making many unnecessary enemies and placing unneeded strain on his personal relationships.


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Jacques grew up in the slums of a large city in Nirvala. His father was hardly ever home, his mother was not in the picture, and he was raised almost entirely by his older sister. He would often partake in fights for money to support his overworked sister, and when fighting wasn't enough, he would resort to stealing food and other necessities. Between the fighting and stealing, Jacques could be found lingering by the beach, dreaming of freedom and a full stomach. It was here that he began to network with the local fishmongers and mariners, searching for a more sustainable way to support his family and escape the clutches of poverty.

Eventually, Jacques crossed paths with a pirate named Juliette. Intending to duel her and turn her in to the authorities for a reward, he hid on her ship while her crew was on shore. After discovering the stowaway, the two of them dueled for Jacques’ life. This duel led to Jacques' first (and perhaps last) defeat. Juliette's finishing blow left his right eye scarred and fuctionally useless. Impressed with his skill, and feeling guilty for leaving Jacques with a permanent blind spot, she patched him up and paid for an expensive (and dubiously magical) fake eye as recompense.

The two eventually started dating, becoming the most feared pirate duo among the seas until Jacques suddenly disappeared with Juliette’s ship, The Tidebreaker. Some years later, he stumbled upon Alexander in a tiny town within Solear's outer provinces. When they were both adults, Jacques offered Alexander the opportunity to become part of his crew as a medic. Alex accepted, and thus began the adventures of The Tidebreaker.


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