Io Delarosa

Io is a wandering Paladin, travelling with his patron Rui as he seeks to fulfill his Oath of Revenge. He was the son of the late tiefling horn trader Rex and a sex worker named Melia, and is the adopted son of Brutus.

Although he prefers to work alone, the few friends which Io has made consider him a reliable, yet shady character. When someone needs something done, no matter how shady it may be, Io will have it done (provided that you have the gold to pay for it).

Aliases Lovebug, Infernal Bastard, Vile Serpent

Age: 22

Pronouns: he/him

Height: 5'6" ; 1.68 m

Birthday: October 31st

Race: Tiefling

Birthplace: Arcadia




Status: Alive

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born to a tiefling trader and a sex worker. trained to fight by his second dad. betrayed in a wedding. rescued and raised by lauvril in the forest and trains as a ranger. meets rui after rui sneaks in and takes a personal interest in him. proceeds on a quest of revenge, makes friends and finds healthy coping mechanisms and love along the way.


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Warui "Rui"

Corravan Lumen

Rosalyn "Rosie" Meadows



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