Evinal Fernblood

Evinal is a member of the adventuring party. He is a Level 11 Warlock/Wizard.

A moody young man of few words, Evinal can come off as kind of a dickhead. While this assessment is not entirely unwarranted, it's important to note that Evinal's rudeness is often unintentional due to a lack of understanding regarding social cues. The few who are able to translate his sharp words into their true meaning quickly become endeared to this prickly prick, who eventually finds his own way of returning their affection. It would be an accurate assessment to say that Evinal is an acquired taste, but a taste worth acquiring nonetheless.

However, it is also clear that Evinal is a fundamentally lonely person. While he throws himself into his studies of magic and his rather sketchy travelling job, it's difficult to get him to talk about his past in any capacity. Intimacy doesn't come easily to Evinal; is this part of his awkwardness, or is it a sign of a deeper, festering wound beneath the armor?

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Age: 24

Pronouns: he/him

Height: 5'7" ; 1.70 m

Birthday: January 18th

Race: Half-Elf

Birthplace: Deloit



Adventuring Party

Status: Alive


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Evinal was an orphaned half-elf, left to die in the Blackfern Forest of Deloit. By sheer luck, he was found and taken in by an elderly schoolteacher of a nearby village. Evinal grew up among humans, unaware of his elven heritage. It seemed obvious to everyone else though; where he walked, staring would inevitably follow. It was rumored that he was an agent of the Blackfern Forest Elves, which only added onto his isolation.

The only place where Evinal was not outcasted was at the local orphanage, where he would join his adopted mother in teaching the young orphans of the village. He found solidarity amongst the young orphans, most of which were non-human outcasts as well. He would continue to teach the orphans how to read and write, until a string of disappearances struck his small village when he was 15.

His investigation into the disappearances led to him discovering that the head priest of his village was sacrificing orphans to a deity in a desperate attempt to keep the village alive. Evinal was provided with a choice: the longevity of the town, or the lives of the orphans. He chose a third option: the lives of the orphans and longevity of the town, in exchange for his eternal servitude to the deity and the life of the head priest.

It was this decision that sealed Evinal's fate. His killing of the village priest left him unable to return home, and his eternal servitude left him unable to find a new home. Perhaps his position in the adventuring party will give him the stability he desperately needs...


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