Clach Lumen

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Aliases Clach Ancant

Age: 23

Pronouns: they/them

Height: 5'6" ; 1.68 m

Birthday: tba

Race: Human

Birthplace: Ald'Dunira



Crimson Caller

Status: Alive

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Born and raised in the desert kingdom of Ald'Dunira south of Arcadia, Clach Ancant's family was killed and their family farm was burnt to the ground after their parents got involved with the Ald'Dunira criminal underworld. Only five years old at the time, Clach was taken in by a band of Ki'ta traveling traders, who taught them various magics and helped them master alchemy.

Until the age of 17, Clach would use these skills to create various drugs to sell to help keep their new family afloat, unfortunately following in their family's footsteps. After a deal gone wrong, Clach would end up killing a high-ranking member of the Dry Hands gang, forcing them to hunt down and murder several underworld leaders to avoid anyone targeting their family for their transgressions.

With the underworld in shambles, they would flee the kingdom entirely for the sake of their family, eventually settling in central Arcadia and using their bartering and alchemy know-how to open a bar, the Crimson Caller. It would be here they would eventually meet Corravan Lumen, who unknowingly would cause them to leave their criminal past behind them to live a relatively normal life. Corravan and Clach would eventually marry, with the Crimson Caller becoming a safehouse and distillery rather than a functional bar.


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Corravan Lumen