Alessandro "Alexander" Giordano

Alessandro, better known as “Alexander” or “Alex”, is the resident medic on the Tidebreaker and a former member of the Giordano family in Solear. She is the child of His Imperial Highness Emilio, and by extension, the twin sister of Imperial Prince Diego.

A person of a peculiar disposition, Alex is known to approach things in an analytical manner, from new situations to new people. She is the only crew member who is proficient in first aid, although she attempts to teach her fellow crewmates to no avail. Her medical prowess and ability to pick up skills easily makes her a valuable member of the Tidebreaker, sometimes landing her in the role as a voice of reason. However, this is not a position she is particularly qualified for, as Alex has allowed things to happen/instigated situations out of a "scientific curiosity" as to what would happen.

Aliases Alex, 'Xander, The Lost Prince

Age: 23

Pronouns: she/he/they

Height: 5'9" ; 1.75 m

Birthday: February 17th

Race: Human

Birthplace: Solear (city)

Languages: TBA


Tidebreaker Crew, Giordano Family (formerly)

Status: Alive

Still, she is a loyal friend and a dependable ally in combat. On the other hand, Alex remains a very private person. Not much is known of their past before Jacques met them, and Alex seems to prefer it that way, disclosing little and revealing nothing. While her friends respect this, one might wonder what someone like her has to hide…


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Born as Prince Alessandro of the Giordano family, Alexander has come a long way from her origins within the palace walls of Emperor Emilio. Growing up alongside her twin brother Diego, the two of them became famously inseparable. However, Alex was subject to the torment and borderline abuse from her siblings, due to her mother’s foreign status and her own status as heir to the throne. In addition, her father often threatened to kick her and her family out of the palace when she disobeyed. These factors combined made for a very lonely childhood.

Tragedy struck once again when Alex’s mother died, due to her chronic lung condition finally taking its toll on her body. In actuality, Alexander’s mother died under the orders of Elenei of Corsanth. The two children were 14, and Alex’s grief combined with compounding stress and dysphoria caused her to go into a dissociative state which distanced her from her twin brother.

Eventually, Elenei of Corsanth ordered the assassination of Alexander in order for her own children to take their place at the throne. The attempt was nearly successful; Alexander was nearly drowned in the palace well. However, when she woke up, she was in a tiny town within Solear’s outer provinces.

It was in this town where Alexander learned how to make peace with water; they learned how to sail, fish, and practical skills for commoners which they never had the opportunity to learn. The family which took her in taught her medicinal skills, and she became an exceptional medic. It was in this town where Alexander also met Jacques when they were both teenagers. Upon crossing paths with Jacques when they were adults, Alexander agreed to become the medic for his crew, and so began the adventures of The Tidebreaker.


Cypress Morgan

Their relationship started on rocky footing when Cypress initially joined the pirate crew due to their wildly different upbringings and Cypress’ own psychological complexes. However, the two quickly became endeared to each other, as Alex can see through Cypress’ prickly facade and Cypress enjoys feeling seen by someone. In addition, Cypress is often guilty of encouraging Alex’s questionable behavior, especially when he’s subject to it. Alex, on the other hand, enjoys using Cypress as a test subject in her scientific exploits, finding his reactions just as entertaining as her results.

Adelaide Abaddon

Alex and Adelaide share a sibling-like relationship, the origin of which is unknown to both of them. Adelaide seems intent on following Alex everywhere, and Alex doesn't mind if they tag along for the ride, considering they're one of the few people the undead child will listen to. It's possible that they knew each other somehow, a very long time ago in a familiar kingdom...

Diego Giordano

Diego is Alex’s twin brother, who was her closest (and only) friend throughout her childhood in Solear. The two were inseparable, often being referred to as one entity (The Twins). Since Alex’s disappearance, the two brothers have not met in almost a decade. Alex continues to feel guilt over their lack of closure, while Diego struggles to accept the probable death of his twin sibling as well as the new pressures of being heir to the Empire. This struggle with his new title is the cause of a slight inferiority complex, where he often compares his performance as prince to his lost sibling who never got to be prince. If they ever meet again, the strain between the two siblings is sure to be quite the spectacle…

Emilio Giordano

Emilio is Alex’s biological father, who they resent with a burning fury. Emilio’s neglect of her as a child and his threats of kicking her out of the castle created intense pressure for her, adding onto existing pressures of being next in line for the throne. Alex disagrees with his treatment of his wives, as well as his iron-grip rule over Solear, and his imperialist nationalistic policies as Emperor. While Alex hopes to never see her father again, their unwelcome reunion might come sooner than she’d like…



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