Hello! This is a page to organize and archive the worldbuilding and lore of a universe me and my friends created. We call it Arcadiaverse, hence the title. The website is best viewed on a PC.

Please keep in mind that this website is a continuous work in progress!


8/10/23: added background & bios to vex and evinal's pages

8/7/23: io, vex, and evinal's pages are live. characters page has been reorganized to show different methods of organization. for the time being, the categories are: place of origin, group affiliation, race, and alphabetical order. the last one will probably come much, much later -_-;;

8/6/23: filled out jacques' character page. clach's page is live. my to-do list for the character pages includes: io, vex, evinal, saviryn, and the rest of the giordano family. currently looking into a possible reorganization of the characters page; shouldn't there be a way of organizing characters by affiliation? idk how to do that just yet so we'll see lol

7/11/23: filled out alexander's page a bit more. corravan's page is live but there's nothing there... yet.

7/3/23: ALEXANDER'S CHARACTER PAGE IS NOW LIVE! it's only halfway completed but it's still there :P half of the struggle was trying to code the layout lol

7/1/23: added more information on solear in the locations tab & added info on solear in the cultures tab. parappa is here now. more detailed info on mer culture & mer as a race is on its way. procrastinating on the characters page because there's just so much to add >_<;

6/30/23: added a bunch of location info, a map of corsanth, and a worldbuilding infodump on solear's page. some characters have had their last names added.

6/28/23: a few races have been added to the races tab. more characters have been added to the character roster; the character bios are coming soon, i promise. added a page for the al'duniran sultanate in the locations tab.

6/27/23: more layout updates for mobile users. added oceanic map to locations tab. religion tab is now the culture tab. added wip pages for the cultures/races/misc. tabs. added a guestbook for feedback or just putting whatever you'd like on there. added pride buttons on home screen (no, i will not remove them after pride month).

6/26/23: updated layout to be more responsive & just nicer to look at. added a silly gif to the 404 page. added several location pages.

6/25/23: the wiki is born :)